Radu Tîrcă and Ștefania Hîrleață are two architects passionate about history and heritage

Radu was born and raised in Băile Govora

Ever since he started his studies in architecture, Radu always had vividly in mind the buildings that fascinated him when he was a child. Ștefania joined him when they were first-year students and they have been a team ever since. Together, they focused their studies on heritage and protecting historic architectural values.

Since 2016, Ștefania and Radu are part of the team of Poster Studio, which will represent Romania at the Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2020 (rescheduled for 2021).

In 2018, they both chose buildings from Govora as subjects for their graduation projects. They went to the archives to find out their history, they spoke to the local community, they imagined how they could be restored and used. In order to show and share with others what fascinated them about their research, they set up an Instagram account. This is how StudioGovora was born.

Radu studied balneary architecture and the possibility of reviving historical villas. Ștefania focused on the balneary park and its representative buildings. Both projects were very praised and they each got the award for “Best Project”, a distinction rarely awarded to projects dealing with the restoration of existing buildings. Moreover, both projects were selected for the exhibition Diploma (Graduation project) organised by The Institute.

Subsequently, wishing to make the built heritage of Băile Govora known to a larger audience, the two published part of their research in the issue no. 5 of architecture magazine Mazzocchioo.

Radu has been since 2019 a PhD student and affiliate teaching assistant at „Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest and tries to pass on his passion for architecture and built heritage to his students. Ștefania and Radu have amassed, from archive and field research, a great deal of useful material about the built heritage of Băile Govora and they are determined to put their ideas into practice. At the moment, they are working towards convincing local actors and forming a critical mass of citizens and specialists in order to get things started. At the beginning of the year they put together a team that managed to obtain funding of approx. 25,000 EUR from the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and the Romanian Order of Architects for cultural projects in Băile Govora.


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